Ladies night out


Calling all ladies who just need a night out to unwind and be creative.  We will gather at The Art Shed to create a hand-built piece of pottery, sip a glass of wine and socialize with new and old friends.

Cheese Tray and a glass of wine.  Thursday, April 16, 2015  6:30-8:30  In this class, we will create and add texture/design to a hand-built cheese tray.  $30/each.

 JM Pottery and Art 2015 Summer Camps

Pottery Camps : (all camps are limited to 8 students)

“Get Muddy” (ages 8-12): Students create beautiful utilitarian and decorative pottery pieces that are food safe. We will work on basic skills in hand-building including coils, slabs and pinch pots. Each student will also have opportunity to work on the potter’s wheel with one-on-one instruction. (5 days 9:30-12:30) $135 July 20-23, 30  (glaze day)

 Leigha's thrown pot

“Young Potters” (ages 5-7): Playing in the mud has never been so fun…and productive! Beginning pottery students will create beautiful utilitarian and decorative pottery pieces that are food safe, while learning basic hand-building skills; including coils, slabs and pinch pots. (4 days 9:30-11:30) $85 July 27-29, august 5 (glaze day)


“Teen’s Mud Fest” (ages 13 and up): We will get down and dirty playing in the clay. Students will learn basic skills in hand building including coil work, pinch pots, slab building and modeling. Each student will also have the opportunity to work on the potter’s wheel with one-on-one instruction. (5 days 9:30-12:30) $135 July 13-16, 24(glaze day)

Art Camps: (all camps are limited to 10 students)

“The Living and the Dead” (ages 8-12): There is beauty in life and a fascinating beauty in the dead. We will explore the changes that happen in the process of dying.  We will draw flowers right after they are picked, and after a day or two of no water.  We will examine skulls.  We will create a skull from paper mache, and paint or draw a still life of things living and dead.   (3 days 9:30-12:30) $95 June 29-July 1

“Magical Mythical Creatures” (ages 5-7): We will explore mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes with lines, paint, and in 3D. Create your own creature costume with a pair of feather wings, a unicorn horn, a spiked tail…whatever you can imagine. (3 days 9:30-11:30) $70 July 6-8

Contact: Jeanine Underwood
Phone: 540-246-1182
Facebook: JM Pottery and Arts

I believe that everyone is an artist and that to truly embrace our individual talents, we just need to practice!
My goal is to provide a safe and encouraging space for children to find and express the creativity within them.
I provide structure, concepts, and rules of the medium and then see what each individual comes up with. The varied responses are always exciting! I tell all of my students, “There is no ‘wrong’ in art!”

JM Pottery and Art offers Home School classes, Girl Scout/Boy Scout Badges and Birthday Parties!

Home School Classes:

We can tailor plan an art class to go along with just about any subject you may be studying!

For Example:  Studying Native Americans? We can do a workshop on Totem Poles.  We can discuss the history, meaning, and mechanics of totem poles.  Then we can create our own totem in clay!




Talk about the impressionists and Claude Monet while you paint water lilies on a canvas board.


Girl Scout/ Boy Scout Badges:

Fulfill the requirements of a Pottery badge!

This group of girls came out and did a two part workshop in clay and earned their badge.  We talked about the whole process of working in clay, from the wet creation to the bisque firing, decorating techniques and final firing.  We learned basic construction and created beautiful items to take home and enjoy.


Birthday Parties!

Bring your group of 4 to 8 out to the art shed!  You bring the cake! I do the rest!  I will supply the craft, space, party supplies.  Prices depend on craft chosen and number of party goers.  Talk to Jeanine for details.  540-246-1182